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Tuesday 18 December 2012


We have discovered a new group of Rafflesia in BUKIT TASAU, KPG LEBOR, GEDONG, SERIAN.

The journey to Bukit Tasau takes about 30 or 45 minutes drive from Kuching City to Serian Town, another 30 minutes from Serian Town to the junction of Bukit Tasau foothill (Kpg Lebor). Continued by another 20 minutes drive up to the hill, and trekking to the RAFFLESIA area takes about 25 minutes.

Our backyeard RAFFLESIA in SerianThe jungle path to the new location of the Rafflesia.
Our backyeard RAFFLESIA in Serian
Jungle trail

Our backyeard RAFFLESIA in Serian
Stream along the trekking trail.
Our backyeard RAFFLESIA in Serian
This is TETROSTIGMA (scientific name), Rafflesia needs this plant to grow.

Some of beautiful flora that can to be found there.

Rafflesia after more than 2 weeks.

Rafflesia bud (takes about 4 to 5 month to bloom)

Rafflesia after more than 1 week of blooming.
Public transportation to Serian Town from Kuching City: Bus No.3A (Sarawak Transport Co. Contact No.082 233576) or Bus No.K3 (City Public Link - Contact No.082 428278/239178). This takes about 1 hour bus ride.

Transportation from Kuching City or  pick up from Serian Town can be arranged with the representative from the village.

For further information on entrance fee, guide fee and possibility of Rafflesia blooming, please contact the representative of the village as mentioned below.

Contact No: 013 836 1488 or 010 797 1488

Author: Deckson Bundak

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