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Friday 16 March 2012

Jakarta big bikers love Sarawak open roads

A long, long way they came and Sarawak Travel thank them for coming. Bon voyage to our new-found friends from Indonesia. The convoy left for Pontianak this morning.

45 big bikers travelled all the way from Jakarta for a 8-day motorbiking holiday to Sarawak and Brunei using the route less used.

Crossing the Java Sea to arrive in Pontianak some twelve hours later, the riders eventually arrived in Kuching for the start of their 1000- km of cruising adventure along the Pan Borneo Highway.

They stopped at Sibu, Miri and Bandar Seri Begawan before back tracking to return home. The open roads of Sarawak and Brunei was a welcome change for this group of Indonesian big bikers who are used to the crowded roads of Jakarta.

Have a safe ride home! Sarawak welcomes you and your biking community another day :-)

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  1. As a fellow biker i know how the open road feels! See you all soon! From Miri Bikers Club! Ride Hard, Ride Free, Ride Safe!


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